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Shifting into digitalization is an already running process, since decades


Adopting knowledge and dropping (digital) knowledge in favour of brownfield approach


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About Brooklyn
A good idea is a first step, the next one is about making-it-work.
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is the use of (digital) technology to improve existing business models – or exploring new ones. It is also about deploying processes/products having significant digital components.

Digitalization drives itself faster and faster

Organization, products, services and investments are under review more than ever – because of a strongly required and permanent adoption. In adition, more and more data are generated. Information becomes the crucial competitive edge.

Still practice is ...

… many good ideas running down the tubes as the momentum of shifting digital isn’t recognized. The potential isn’t fullfilled, either on process, administration and on product side.
Subsequently it’s often to find that primary processes aren’t transparent – reporting and control is flawed.
Management information costs are unneccessarily high. Information resources are usually underemployed.

Digitalization comes along ...

… with various option of business development. Never the less, silos or other legacy items impacting the making-it-work in a un-wished manner.
Essential information that is not available in pair with creeping complexity is a combination which is often underestimated.
Standard Reporting for highly analytical situations leads to poor decisions and inefficiencies
and frequent Re-Orga neglects integrated information flow

Our Service