No cheerleading, no frills - client focus.


Driving ...

… projects ahead and unlocking roadblocks accross digitalization initiatives, issues and shift over situations.

Technology ...

… is key when turning into digitalization and needs counterparts in business and finance. Digitalization requires to understand software engeneers as well as business and finance.

Change ...

… processes whenever it’s required. Restructure processes, developing new ones and/or deploying them to operations. Having in mind KPIs, controls and avoiding fall outs.

Listen, Asking ...

… pull conclusions and bridging differences that can occure – even in smaller companies.

Readiness checks ...

… if your business is able to take over new applications, products, processes and other challenges.

Analytics ...

… in transition situations is like hide and seek. Needs ability and willingness to go beyond standards. Connecting multiple operation systems / ERPs and compiling a management perspective to cope changes.


Projects *

  • Independent Management Consultant
  • Financial Controller / Billing Manager Digital Business
  • Advisory Services Big 4 Accounting Firm
  • Technical Project Manager, Software Development
  • Finance Shared Service Centre, Digital Business
  • Rebuilding and Re-Implementing revenue share processes, Digital Business
  • Readiness – Check and transition of financial processes within ERP roll-out, consulting, certification, logistic
  • Development and implementation of digital billing processes – Digital Business
  • Re – Orga of Financial Reporting tasks including system -implementation of Digital Business, logistic

* more examples on request