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Is analytics a compulsory element of your cyber security strategy?

An assumptive perspective of cyber security is, that mostly technically sophisticated guys are driving the corporate cyber security programme.

Nowadays it changes in favour of regular security processes. Cyber Security is moving step-by-step into a regular management process across the company.

Technical knowledge is still an important asset and can get much more powerful if it’s in line with complementary elements. A balanced combination of technical skills, smooth processes and a well-established strategy is considerably lifting up the level of recognition and reaction in case of security incidents.

How comes analytics into play?

Analytics is helping to locate security incident pattern or intrusion if it occurs beyond your corporate firewall. The base of available data “representing security incidents” has significantly increased and is still growing. Usually companies running effectively much more connections to their corporate network (IoT, partner, staff, clients, etc.) from outside. A good embedded analytics approach helps to screen and identify breach-patterns. Or to follow up results of implemented countermeasures.

Please leave an indication down below. Does your corporate strategy include an analytics element regarding cyber security? It’s just “Yes” or “No”.

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Is analytics a compulsory element of your cyber security strategy?

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