Dezember 29, 2016 M. Weber

Data Scientists and business value…

Business direction moves you ahead

Digitalization and analytics is somehow a pair of shoes. You probably need it, when you move forward with your business. Often the point of having data-science-value is underestimated or has a technology-over-exposure.

David Stephenson (pls. see link below) compiled an easy-to-understand summary about the business value of data scientists.

The article points out the underlying problem. And that’s the beauty of this article, without referring to any tool, product or solution.

David is figuring exactly out why the linkage between data science and business value often isn’t given or is missing.

The article is a big contribution for those
– who want to start with analytics (which is differently from BI) or
– already started with analytics and missing results.

In a way Daivid points out how to circumvent of running into typical analytics mishaps – not focussing on technical details.

David raised the question of proven business value in a room filled with 150 data scientists – congratulations!