Oktober 10, 2015 M. Weber

Results Poll 09/2015 – Data Driven Decisions and Unstructured Data

Analytics is on top of the list of many CxOs and was or is subject to various “data driven” initiatives. One of the basic elements in regards of analytics is data scrubbing.
Picking the relevant data into analysis/reporting cycle becomes much more centric. On the other hand, the “relevant set” of data is directly linked with the business model – including all its digitalization impacts. Getting data “on-board” is key to analytics and subject to the poll. In detail the focus was to find out the view of the attendees to their data scrubbing awareness and ability. It ended up with the below mentioned results.

1.    The majority of attendees are aware of vital changes to their business model in the near future. In addition, most attendees have an eye on the relation between those changes and the impact of data driven decisions.

2.    A significant number of attendees don’t see a sufficient coverage of the data needed and the data available for decisions. Its maybe paying to the fact, that still a significant portion is running against structured data. The role of unstructured data in deploying data driven decision is important and will be subject to further polls.

3.    In addition if existing data structures are subject to change (due to digitalization), the integration into the existing scheme is not an easy piece of cake (despite it becomes a day-to-day requirement).