Juli 19, 2015 M. Weber

Hadoop – Use Case vs Business Value

Gartner recently published a study about challenges with Hadoop (pls. see link below).
Hadoop is a ecosystem allowing scalable (real-time) data retrieving beyond structured data sets.
Often it is named in conjunction with the keyword big data, analytics and digitalization. As big data and analytics are on top of many CEOs list, a significantly high adoption is assumed.
According to the study the “break through” is not seen in the moment. But it’s expected within the next 2 -3 years because of
– understanding the business value, the
– product handling and
– skill gaps.

It’s might be worth full to take a minute and think about it. At the end of the day Hadoop is just a tool designed to solve a specific problem. As the business value isn’t seen so far it raises questions concerning the understanding of
– the problem as well as
– the tool.
The interesting thing with the “problem” is if there is really a one or is it just still “hidden” and most of the people don’t see it? Or the other way around is Hadoop seen as a complementary tool – to solve the already recognized “problems”?